Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh alright... Sunday it is!

Look out! Things I love on Sunday...

... I'm sure most of you have seen this but OH MAN. I'm so excited and nervous and the part where she's falling through the rabbit hole gives me goose bumps. Save the date people, I will be having a late birthday party/mad hatter tea party and then dragging everyone to the IMAX to see this thing in 3D. Be prepared!

... Loving this song today.

... I adore this mug! Vintage and fishes!?

... How about this lovely? Not usually my style but the story book ending is just delicious.

... Farmer's markets and how there is a farmers market every day of the week in this county.

... Another etsy find... look at how awesome these are!

... Lastly... today I'm loving quality time with my honey, gen maicha tea, Mirasol Miski yarn, and having clean floors. Today was a really pretty Sunday for me. I hope yours was, too!

... Oh I forgot to tell you... I love my new shirt, too!!

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