Friday, July 24, 2009

These are the thoughts...

Impulsive and new hair! Pixie like and soon to be fire engine red.

Regina Spektor (music vid link) reminds me of beginnings and dreamy sorts of stories.

Knitting projects are coming right along... Cast on a nice miski hat for a swap and the minty mitts are looking pretty fabulous. I've sort of run into a block with these because I've finished the first leaves and it's all easy from here on out. Once I figured out which colors to cable with the pattern became easy. I think I'm doing the back twists in the incorrect colors but I sort of like the way it looks. Makes the leaves more authentic (or I really hate it and I'm justifying the mistake so that I don't have to frog all of that hard work).

Today is farmer's market day and spend time with Mr Lobster (urchin and lobster... sea creatures... get it?) so I'll be back tomorrow to do the Things I Love on Sunday (thinking of changing the day to Monday since Sean and I switched our days off together and now I spend Monday working and Sunday playing). Okay, breakfast time for me! Have a relaxing and lovely Sunday!

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