Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I Love on Sunday (on Wednesday)

... This is amazing.

... This is just beautiful. Story telling and photos and it's just so crisp and clean and everything I love.
Days with my Father by Phillip Toledano

... Love this idea of uniforms.

... And I LOVE this (capital love). Will someone buy it for me? I wish I had some extra money laying around! I like this top, too, from the same seller.
... My Daddy. Happy birthday to the best father (coach, teacher, bring your daughter to work guy, carpenter, mechanic, bad-ass mf, tall tale teller, dancer, goofball) I've ever known.

... I'm obsessed with the idea of making this Lady of the Forest Shawl (rav link) to look like this beauty (another rav link) by
... I think that's all for today. I have to get up and moving... I'm going to visit the San Jose Museum of Art with my lovely friend Chris and pick up some art supplies. I've been SO busy for almost a week now and I'm ready for some time to myself. I haven't seen Sean for more than an hour since Sunday and I haven't picked up my knitting since Friday! I have two more busy days ahead and then one day to myself. I hope next week will be a little calmer so that I may create and re-energize.

Hope everyone is having a week full of magic, warmth, comfort, familiarity, and dreams of a beautiful life.

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