Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's an honest to goodness Saturday today. The spring breeze (hello flip flop weather!) is wafting through the open windows of my little cabin in the woods, there's irish bagpipe (I'm weird) music coming from the stereo, I drank a beer with lunch. I've missed Saturdays.

Let me explain. For the past two years (up until a week ago) I've been operating a small craft business from home. And I am the obsessive type. So for the past two years (up until a week ago) I worked sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. I answered emails from bed in the morning and before sleep, I promoted my business on twitter while eating breakfast, I played around with new product ideas over sushi dinners with my man. And it worked. The business was successful, I made enough money to pay rent and then some, I enjoyed networking with beautiful fiber and tea people, I was proud of the little something I built from scratch.

However, that little something had turned into a huge something that was keeping me from having a life. Strange how a small craft business can keep you hostage, starve your soul of creative nourishment, and leave you feeling helpless at the end of the day.

Stranger still that no one talks about that part of 'living the dream'.

But I digress, because today I'm here to talk about Saturdays.

How good this Saturday feels after a week of working a nine to five job. How beautiful it is to sit quietly with no emails, customer concerns, or responsibilities other than letting the cat out. Before the craft business, Saturdays were my favorite day because of this feeling. The feeling that you have one more week under your belt, one more to do list crossed off, and two whole days ahead of you for adventuring or Grey's marathons. Whatever you want. Which is exactly the point.

During the craft business Saturdays were for catching up on everything that didn't get done during the week, doing tea packaging, setting up photo shoots, dragging the man all over town to find office supplies... Working. With no end in sight because that to do list just kept getting bigger and better and I kept staying the same size.

So I am loving this Saturday of spring breezes and beer with lunch.

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